Affordable Rubbish Removal in Addington

How easy is it to accumulate rubbish? It can be just as easy to organise a rubbish removal from your property. To begin with, your items would have had some use and value in your daily life, but now you're moving, or renovating, hosting a large event or just simply having a seasonal clear out, you want it out. Rubbish Taxi can come and pick up your rubbish in Addington the same day, saving you the time, effort and transport costs to your local tip. At the same time, all your rubbish gets disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Need a Man and Van in Addington

We're not just a man in a van. Our Addington team maintain a professional standard whilst on your property, working efficiently to do all the heavy lifting. We ensure everything is left intact, with no muddy footprints or scraped walls. For every load we taxi away, we'll issue you with a Waste Transfer Note for your personal records. Our teams are extremely reliable, easy to get on with and easily recognised in their black uniform with yellow Rubbish Taxi branding. Before you schedule their arrival have a look at our prices on our website to see how much we charge per item.

Here to Help Clear-out Your Offices in Addington

With mobile working and hotdesking solutions on the rise, office interiors have adopted smarter practices that are no longer outdated. Paperless working means you don't need the 80's filing cabinet storage units anymore. Rubbish Taxi can remove all of your old furniture in your Addington offices, in a highly sensitive manner whilst maintaining confidentiality in your workplace. We know how important it is to maintain your services and work flow, so we'll be out of your way in no time.

Domestic Rubbish Removal Services in Addington

Outdoor space is utilised considerably in the summer months, so it makes sense to create maximum space for alfresco solutions. Clearing out old garden junk is the first step of any landscaping project. Observing the amount of space available can help you decide what to make of your external property. Rubbish Taxi can offer advice related to junk clearance in all outdoor spaces, including garages and gardens. You name it we most likely can take it, from broken furniture to old junk that won't fit in your wheelie bin, but is too small to justify a skip hire.

Pay as you Weigh in Addington

Want to know exactly how much it will cost? Watch the scales on our vans tell you yourself, so there's no hidden costs or nasty surprises. Simply weigh it up and off it goes. We taxi away all your old junk and rubbish, so the raw materials can be separated to be reused and recycled elsewhere. You will find our prices per kilo on our website for popular items. You will also notice our rates are the most cost effective and economical in London. Rubbish Taxi are positive you won't find a better rate elsewhere to shift your junk.

From 9p a Kilo in Addington

We don't believe in charging high prices for large items that are light. That's why we charge by the kilo. It makes sense when you only want to shift a large piece of furniture with a hollow interior. Our rates are consistent across all of London including Addington, so we won't charge you any higher because you're based in Central London. Yes even with London prices being the most highest in the country, you can still rely on Rubbish Taxi to give you the very best loyal rate.

What our customers had to say

  • Thank you Rubbish Taxi for helping us clear out our offices in Bolton! Our building has no room for a skip, so we were so relieved when we found out about your services. You guys helped us create the space we needed, by taking away all our outdated desks and bulky furniture, at such short notice too! Thank you so much!

    - Eric Ashton

  • Our programme focused on reducing a number of external buildings into one building. Rubbish Taxi were our chosen contractor to work alongside with us on this project based on meeting our budget.

    - Rebecca Perrior

  • As a landlord in East Ham, we have timely renovations at the end of each lease. Rubbish Taxi are a reliable service that always turn up when they say they will. They collected all broken wardrobes, old mattresses and sofas quickly and efficiently. We choose them every time because their rates are so low and it doesn't leave a big hole in our refurbishment budget.

    - Maria Bolton