Essentials Before Moving House - Waste, Donate or Keep?

Posted by Rubbish Taxi | February 12th 2016

This time last year, Valentine’s week saw more houses being bought and sold than any subsequent months. With February being a popular month for relocating, it makes sense when January’s the month, most houses go up for sale, especially with homeowners seeking to achieve their new years prospects. 

Not to forget, with marriage proposals highest during valentines week, an increasing number of couples decide to share a home together, resulting in estate agents receiving a soaring number of first time buyers.

Moving Home is exciting for couples and families. The idea of starting fresh in a new place where new memories will be made, is a great turning stone for everyone. It can make commuting to school and work more favourable in terms of journey durations and mean a lot more space for the whole family. Its not always as smooth as we wish though, and can be avoidably stressful too.

Depending on how many belongings you have accumulated over the years and how much junk you have cleared out before you left your old house, this usually dictates how easy it is to store away everything into its new home.

Having a good clear out in the months and weeks leading to the big day can pay off in many ways, one of which leaves you feeling refreshed. If you look at your items they will fit into three main categories: waste, donate and keep.


Anything broken or past its use will need to be loaded into a skip, taken to the tip or passed to a rubbish collection van, e.g. Rubbish Taxi. Avoid hoarding anything to keep in your new home in case you find a new use for it. Learn to let go and bin it. This includes broken toys, electronics and even bulkier items such as old mattresses. As technology keeps getting replaced with more advanced solutions, we also outgrow our hobbies, just as children may outgrow any toys. Whichever disposal method you decide to choose, opt for convenience to minimise any stress. Rubbish Taxi offer a fast service to remove all your large bulky items and you are only charged per weight. So advantageous to you if the majority of your items are lightweight.


Donate old clothes, toys, books to appropriate companies and organisations that will benefit from them. Family and friends are often, more than likely to appreciate any old items, even if you still can’t find a use.


You should be left with your most prized possessions which will hold much value at your new house. Items that you have already had many special memories throughout their usage. With so much of your hard earned savings being invested into your new property upgrade, its unlikely you will want to purchase anything new if you already own it in an already acceptable condition.

At The End Destination

You may have to complete the above process of Waste, Donate and Keep at your new home, depending on what state your previous owners left it and what your interior taste preferences are. So again sort items into the above three categories and you'll soon be on your way to calling your new house, home. If you're planning renovations before or after the move, then you may be planning to remove old bathroom and kitchen units, carpets, tiles and other excess junk that has been left in common storage areas such as garage shelves. if this is the case, then seek out to arrange a convenient collection for all these old junk items, in time for your new bathroom or furniture suite delivery. Rubbish Taxi arrive at a time you say, fill up and go, leaving you with more space to plan. You may be surprised how much more bigger your new house really is as you unearth each deep corner.

More surface area means more room to move around and think. Modern planning and minimal deco can create something special for all your family to enjoy. With clever storage facilities, you will find yourself clearing up less clutter and in less desperate attempts to dump a pile of books somewhere.

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What our customers had to say

  • As a landlord in East Ham, we have timely renovations at the end of each lease. Rubbish Taxi are a reliable service that always turn up when they say they will. They collected all broken wardrobes, old mattresses and sofas quickly and efficiently. We choose them every time because their rates are so low and it doesn't leave a big hole in our refurbishment budget.

    - Maria Bolton

  • My family inherited a large house which we're constantly renovating to accommodate our family lifestyle. Rubbish Taxi are a trustworthy company that I feel comfortable letting into my family home.

    - Robert Hawley

  • Thank you Rubbish Taxi for helping us clear out our offices in Bolton! Our building has no room for a skip, so we were so relieved when we found out about your services. You guys helped us create the space we needed, by taking away all our outdated desks and bulky furniture, at such short notice too! Thank you so much!

    - Eric Ashton