Fly Tipping | The Future of London's Streets

Posted by Rubbish Taxi | October 14th 2016

Fly Tipping, a free way to shift waste quickly, with the risk of getting caught and paying a large fine. Many London councils now operate an online reporting tool to alert the council of recently discovered fly tipping.

There are many reasons why individuals carry out fly tipping; above all, it centres around an insensitive approach to caring for the streets of London. It reflects the mentality of individuals and how they live day to day in today’s civilisation.

Alongside fly tipping, there are many cases of waste being unloaded into other people’s hired skips. Waking up to find your skip full of unrecognisable waste is a frustrating sight, but not as unsightly as seeing tonnes of rubbish lying on public road sides. If you're the victim of having a stranger share your skip, see it as an act of caring for the environment on your behalf.

Considering the streets of many towns, cities, villages and even countries, there are many factors contributing to the cleanliness of streets. In higher economic areas, there is a greater expectancy to see neatly brushed roads and pavements. In comparison to poorer busier cities where house prices are lower, litter is more common and funding for newly paved roads is less of a priority.

Streets of the World

The dusty streets of Dubai may contrast the luxury buildings that prevail it. Likewise, disposal of plastic bags are banned in many parts of India, especially in the rich lush areas of mountain villages. Each part of the world reflects its local habitants way of living, inside and out.

One place on Earth to commend for extra hygiene and cleanliness in public areas is Singapore. Not a sight of chewed gum anywhere. Residents respect their homeland and the combined effort to refrain from littering. Conforming to a natural way of utilising public bins and keeping the road sides immaculate.

9 Most Fly-Tipped Areas in London

Figures show the following areas as being the most common where fly-tipping occurs:

  • Haringey
  • Westminster
  • Greenwich
  • Croydon
  • Hammersmith
  • Fulham
  • Kensington
  • Chelsea
  • Brent

Tackling dumping has improved through the increased ways of reporting carried out by residents, including online and by phone. Where will the future of London's streets be destined for? Will they look as clean and urban as Singaporean's clean jet washed slabs or do we depict London as a futuristic model of dark corners brimming with overwhelming junk? The  benefits of waste removal in London will always outweigh any individuals decision to carry out fly tipping. 

Rubbish Taxi promote responsible methods for waste disposal. You can call us on 0333 800 4020 for more advice on how to dispose of your junk. 

What our customers had to say

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