Getting Motivated To Clear Out Office Junk

Posted by Rubbish Taxi | November 7th 2016

Time and motivation go hand in hand when it comes to clearing out junk. Often there is no escape to inevitably clearing out junk. If you’re upgrading offices or moving house and you don't want to take everything with you, then you’ll have to find something to do with all those accumulated items. Delaying it could cause issues, including penalties from your former office landlord.

Finding Time In Your Busy Schedule

Finding a suitable time in your schedule is important. Perhaps the weekend or a mid-week evening is more convenient for you. Don’t be shy to ask for volunteers, sorting out old boxes can be a tedious task. If you have company it will also make it more motivating for you ...

Uncover Your Motivation

The darker winter months may make it less motivating but there are benefits to getting it over and done with. Ensure the heating’s on - if you’re freezing cold, the challenge is getting your motivation into gear, that’s before you can even think about sorting the junk. 

Deciding What To Do With The Junk

Piles of paper can be scanned into electrical soft copy files to be stored on your network server. This will save immense space and be a step in the right direction for your company’s future. Data can be password protected this way too, as opposed to leaving it on cupboard shelves.

Useful electrical items can be loaded into your car boot and stored at home in your garage or home office. Maybe you can donate some items to staff who are showing a willingness interest in specific items.

Surprisingly, many items will be outdated pieces of technology, such as internet modems dating back to 2010. It’s incredible how quickly technology is changing and the need for all those multicoloured wires is becoming a thing of the past. Don’t be too hesitant to bin those wires you’ve been hanging onto ‘just in case’ they’ll come in handy. Wireless technology will change even further, so look out for smarter ways to provide a service.

Office desks have come a long way too. Desks are now becoming interactively smarter promoting hot desking and stand up working too. Many desks can be raised to standing height, with the press of a button. Much more motivating than sitting slumped in a chair all day. Standing promotes a 'get-up and go' attitude and enables staff interactivity around the office. So if you’re not taking your old desks with you, decide whether you will donate or dispose of them.

Future lessons can be taught in a way that we buy less, to avoid the unnecessary headache of what to do with items during an office move. Things become out fashioned quickly and office moves can be stressfully unenjoyable. 

If you need help or advice to remove old junk out of your office to speed up your moving process, Rubbish Taxi are only a phone call away to answer your queries. Call us on 0333 800 4020.

What our customers had to say

  • We hire garden landscapers to renew outdoor space for health care trusts and nursing homes. Rubbish Taxi is a reliable service to remove broken fences, sheds and other bulky outdoor waste.

    - Chiu-Yee Cheung

  • Rubbish Taxi have helped us get one step closer to reaching our goal. With our recent expansion and purchasing of new office space across London, the rubbish clearance seemed endless. We couldn't have done it without your guys!

    - Madison Jenkins

  • Our programme focused on reducing a number of external buildings into one building. Rubbish Taxi were our chosen contractor to work alongside with us on this project based on meeting our budget.

    - Rebecca Perrior