The Benefits of Waste Removal in London

Posted by Rubbish Taxi | September 6th 2016

London properties are at the forefront of design inspiration, especially when it comes to large open spaces being on reveal. Meaning storage opportunities must be incorporated into the design solutions too.

Basement renovations are at a multitude high and increasing the overall footprint of any building is what buyers seek to achieve, whether they are buying for themselves, or buying to renovate and then sell. Renovating outwards, downwards and upwards is what every owner of a terraced Nottinghill property dreams off. Investing in projects like these are unworthy if they end up accumulating junk.

Why is it important for London properties to avoid junk storage?

So with storage spaces being designed more tastefully to flow with the overall open plan space, it’s not just another option to hoard junk behind all those clean lines. As a homeowner, the last thing you want is to open up your storage to have a mountain of clutter with non-future use, to fall on top of you.

In a city like London, where houses are at the epitome of inspirational design and the price tag to go with it, minimal junk storage is an appealing factor. A recurring date in your calendar should trigger a seasonal spring clean to prevent the build up of rubbish. Or better still, buy less and you won't have the endless, forthcoming stress of what to do with it later. The shoe closet is one of the most commonly neglected sites that can be reduced significantly. If pairs can't be handed down to siblings, consider donating them to a shoe bank or as a bundle on eBay. Selling your old used items is a great investment of your time if you can achieve extra space in your living space.

Junk in your home, can affect the way you feel.

Junk can become overwhelmingly stressful at times when you’re desperate to remove it during a renovation or house move. It may help for you to think clearer, if you start by designating a space where you can organise it into useful categories, such as Keep, Store, Sell, Trash or Donate. Now you see why you’re better off not buying on instinct in the first place! We have some useful tips to help you clear out your loft and free your garden from junk.

With London being the largest and busiest city in the UK, there’s a significant amount of waste produced by each householder per year. Waste removal in London is an ongoing task managed through a combined effort of householders, local councils, waste depots, local tips and rubbish removal contractors and companies such as Rubbish Taxi. A constant cycle of waste creation and removal, with recycling and upcycling at their peak compared to a decade ago.

Waste removal in London is a cleansing exercise which proves to be a rewarding and continuous effort. With more cuts being introduced across councils, particularly in the Midlands, councils are reverting to fortnightly collections of household waste. Many householders will swap their slim wheelie bins for a larger bin based on their family size. Many will argue that the smell of waste that is a fortnight old, will attract more pests. The local councils see this as a low priority against the pressure to achieve their annual savings.

Bulky waste items are unlikely to ever be destined for the wheelie bins unless owners are capable of compacting it into several weeks worth of wheelie bin waste. Householders need to act smarter, now more than ever, to ensure their normal domestic waste fits into their wheelie bins. This is whether they're trying to squeeze in a bulky item such as a broken goal post, or if waste collections are moving to a fortnightly schedule.

If you’re looking for bulky item disposal or waste removal, in the London area, contact Rubbish Taxi who can arrange a convenient time slot to collect your junk, calculated on a weight basis. 

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  • Excellent service by Rubbish Taxi! Very professional and friendly. Much cheaper than hiring a skip! Would recommend to anyone who wants to get rid of their junk. They take it away in an instant so you don't have to ever look at it again!

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