Top Tips To Become Clutter Free in 2016

Posted by Rubbish Taxi | January 12th 2016

Our mental wellbeing is often determined by our surroundings. Sometimes we find ourselves unable to unwind and relax each evening in a living room full of clutter. Anyone with children under the age of 10 will know how quickly in a matter of seconds, toys can fill every surface area of the floor. Our hobbies and interests often determine which items end up in a cluttered stack on any raised surface we can lay our eyes on.

Below you’re able to relate with some, if not all of the given scenarios, where you can find several tips for offloading old junk and items.

1. Invest In Bookshelves, Cabinets and Storage

Books can end up in disorganised piles across dining tables and other work surfaces. Children’s homework also finds its home in a similar sty of papers, quickly becoming hidden at the bottom of a fast growing tower. By organising your papers and books you will have better access to them and achieve more from their purpose. By minimising the area of space you can create clutter should help stop it from appearing.

Having a home for everything will make your home feel tidier and organised. Investing in the right type of storage for items that are in regular use, such as shoes, bags, books, cosmetics, clothes and toys, (including pet products!), will make more room to move around and make you generally a happier individual.

2. Donate Old Toys to Playgroups

Nearly all churches host a regular playgroup session where they welcome any old toy donations. If you know your child has outgrown a certain type of toy, then consider dropping it off at your nearest church centre, usually open weekdays. You will be surprised how much extra room you will gain to store new toys that are the ideal age range for your child’s current development. Old and broken bulky toys can be offloaded into a skip next time you do a home renovation, or alternatively be collected by a waste collection service such as Rubbish Taxi.

Don’t forget to store your childs' toys in an appropriate toy room, toy chest or bedroom, otherwise you will have clutter cycle to deal with every day. Training children to tidy up lego and other boxed toys after themselves, is a good habit they can grow up with.

3. Sell Your Old Clothes

A bit of spare change in your car can be a lifesaver on the days when your credit card is not an option, such as at the local car wash. Most areas operate a Cash for Clothes kiosk where you can get your bag of good condition clothes and shoes weighed and priced up per kilogram. If the clothes are not in the best condition, you can find a charity clothes bank in most supermarket car parks.

So if you're planning a future clear-out of your wardrobe contents, many high street charity stores will happily have your old garments too.

Uniform should be hung up at the end of each day and dirty clothes should end up in the laundry basket each day. Sofas should not end up with piles of clothes draped over them with no room to sit. Investing in good sturdy wardrobes that will hold the weight of each family members weight of clothes.

4. Keeping Rubbish At Bay Into The New Year

One of the biggest mistakes we make during the Christmas period is not checking the local council’s website for information on the changes to the normal collection days. If you miss one collection, you most likely have to wait a fortnight before you can have that bin and any other bags of rubbish collected. If the bags are becoming a nuisance and you cant handle the amount of rubbish you have accumulated, alongside all the christmas packaging and recycling, then a trip to your local tip will help you feel stress free again. If you're afraid of the long, time-consuming queues, arrange for a collection from your door step. Rubbish Taxi can take all your rubbish, where prices are chargeable per weight.

Becoming clutter free should feel detoxifying not stressful. It shouldn't feel like you have hit a brick wall with a mental stumbling block of which way to turn next. There are many options when you need to dispose of items. 

What our customers had to say

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    - Reuben Lamott

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    - Eric Ashton