Upcycling For The Next Generation

Posted by Rubbish Taxi | August 15th 2016

Those unused items you consider as junk, actually have more use than you can imagine. The wooden pallets in the shed. The old 3 piece extendable wooden ladder that greeted you in the garage, when you first moved in.

The un-promoted fire pit that now stands in the shadow of the shiny 6 burner gas barbecue. The rejected tree logs and branches that you procrastinated over whether to take it to the skip. Turning your garden into a junk free haven is possible.

Notice what these items all have in common?

Endless fun and adventure for any child! All of the above naturally based items (unplastic!) can be used to create a forest shelter den in the corner of your garden. A haven for imagination and playing in the summer holidays. Tree logs to sit on around a fire pit to toast marshmallows is a dream for any budding scout. Wooden pallets as a base for a wigwam den made from branches.

Waste Disposal Is No Longer A Challenge

As an alternative to rubbish removal, you can make things easier for your self, by making use of items made from natural sources. Spending more time outdoors around wildlife and nature, is a positive step in redirecting children from playing on electronics all summer. Creating a forest or woodland type surrounding can feel extremely rewarding when seeing the benefits of how children react to this environment. Children are able to learn with a higher attention span whilst being in the open air. A perfect opportunity for them to develop innovative and decision-making skills in how to build and play with natural resources within a team.

Creative Pet Products

You can create some admirable products for your pets. Consider transforming old chest drawers and cushions into a bed for your dog, especially if you're trying to train your puppy to sleep in it's own space. You can save money on buying pet training products or puppy starter packs by upcycling your own. In fact, pets are happy to have all our human hand me downs.

More Endless Creativity

You don't have to drive miles to send your child to a fun forest school adventure, create one in your own backyard.

There are many activities you can organise for young children, alongside the aided fire pit marshmallow toasting. Pyrography and writing on waste planks of wood with a special burning or pyrography pen (similar to the one you may be familiar with from school) can encourage children other alternatives to paper and pen. Moreover, how to use a saw to cut wood. The amount of wood that is used in any one house is sure to create excess wood waste, for example from decking, timber wall frames, fencing, chopped trees, traditional furniture, old workbenches and much more.

Donate your old pots and pans to the forest den, for children to make mud pies. Allow them to collect different shaped leaves, coloured flowers and even a handful of grass to add to their special muddy broth. Then use old paintbrushes for them to use their mixture to draw natural art on old rags. A great excuse for them to practice their spellings or answers to sums. 

We hope all of the above tips from the Rubbish Taxi have been useful. For more ideas to upcycle other items, read our previous article on  What It Means To Upcycle.

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