Top Tips To Become Clutter Free in 2016

Posted by Rubbish Taxi | January 12th 2016

Our mental wellbeing is often determined by our surroundings. Sometimes we find ourselves unable to unwind and relax each evening in a livi...

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How Waste Transfer Notes Secure Business Integrity

Posted by Rubbish Taxi | November 26th 2015

Waste Transfer Notes can tell us a lot of information. Handed over from the waste contractor to the customer after the transfer of was...

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​Tips on Choosing a Waste Contractor for Your Company

Posted by Rubbish Taxi | November 25th 2015

Finding the right waste contractor is never as straightforward as you would like. Unless you receive some review-worthy recommendation...

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What our customers had to say

  • We recently refurbished a house into a registered dentistry practice. Rubbish Taxi helped us empty the entire house, especially the existing fitted wardrobes in all the bedrooms. Now there's so much space for patients and dentists.

    - Sara McLoughlin

  • My family inherited a large house which we're constantly renovating to accommodate our family lifestyle. Rubbish Taxi are a trustworthy company that I feel comfortable letting into my family home.

    - Robert Hawley

  • Moving offices from Richmond to Shoereditch meant we had a lot of junk at both old and new sites. Rubbish Taxi were great at making both sites look spacious. Fantastic rates. Would recommend to all.

    - Bhagwan Patel