Affordable Rubbish Removal in Earls Court

Yes we collect from Earls Court too. If you have a London postcode you are in luck and can take advantage of our great all year round rates in the London area only. Rubbish Removal doesn't have to be expensive. Think of the long term benefits of gaining new space in your property, is a great investment in your everyday living. A great alternative to hiring a skip and a quick way to say bye to old junk that has been collecting dust.

Need a Man and Van in Earls Court

Our man in a van is different to your average white van. Branded in yellow and black, you can be sure its us when we have arrived. We wont stay long, we’ll just load up and be on our way, so you can put your feet up and have a coffee admiring your new gained space and blank canvas to think about what you're going to do with your property next. Think of it as a new chapter in your interior living space.

Here to Help Clear-out Your Offices in Earls Court

Office space is now smarter than ever. With less furniture and more mobile and home working, staff can even work from hot spots. If you are considering creating more white space in your Earls Court offices, then we could help you remove all your old dated bulky furniture. Think more space is more room to think and brainstorm, without old clutter clogging up thought patterns.

Domestic Rubbish Removal Services in Earls Court

Its easy to gain junk over the years without even realising it. It happens quickly and without you even realising. As your family grows and the kids grow up, your lifestyle and theirs will change too. Out with the old and in with the new. A good clear-out should take place at least every 5 years. You'll be surprised why you left it so long otherwise.

Pay as you Weigh in Earls Court

Size is no issue when it comes to weighing up your junk. The lighter it is the better it is for you of course, but we are here to lift all the heavy stuff too, so you don't need to. All our men are trained in heavy lifting, and carrying out junk so it doesn't damage walls or paintwork.

From 9p a Kilo in Earls Court

Enjoy consistent rates all year round in the London area only. For a rough estimate of what it could cost you, check our prices page, to see prices for example items and then total it up on your My Rubbish page. If you need more help, our contact centre can help you further and offer you assistance in price details and booking.

What our customers had to say

  • Thank you Rubbish Taxi for helping us clear out our offices in Bolton! Our building has no room for a skip, so we were so relieved when we found out about your services. You guys helped us create the space we needed, by taking away all our outdated desks and bulky furniture, at such short notice too! Thank you so much!

    - Eric Ashton

  • Excellent service by Rubbish Taxi! Very professional and friendly. Much cheaper than hiring a skip! Would recommend to anyone who wants to get rid of their junk. They take it away in an instant so you don't have to ever look at it again!

    - Christina Baines

  • Moving offices from Richmond to Shoereditch meant we had a lot of junk at both old and new sites. Rubbish Taxi were great at making both sites look spacious. Fantastic rates. Would recommend to all.

    - Bhagwan Patel