Affordable Rubbish Removal in Farrington

Rubbish Clearances don’t have to be expensive. We are an excellent alternative to skip hire, because we only charge for the amount you need to get rid of. So it may not be cost efficient for you to hire a skip, especially if the items are ready to be disposed of already. Our vans can pick up your rubbish quickly the same day.

Need a Man and Van in Farrington

Our man in a van arrives dressed professionally in Rubbish Taxi attire and in branded vans so they’re more noticeable than any white van in Farrington. In fact there’s more than one man arriving as we don’t expect our customers to do any heavy lifting. Perhaps you require an old sofa suite taking away, or some broken garden fences. You decide what you need removing and show us where it is.

Here to Help Clear-out Your Offices in Farrington

You know your office better than anyone else, which is why most companies feel they should start the removal process. We advise you let us start the desk clearances for you. We carry heavy items everyday, so make the most of our services. We don’t require you to carry your items to the front of your offices in Farrington. We will do it!

Domestic Rubbish Removal Services in Farrington

It may not be a regular item in your schedule to have a big clear out, but every 5-10 years, every household in Farrington will evaluate their internal living space and the large items occupying the garages and attic space. If the kids have outgrown many items and a lot of things might be broken, we can take away anything that you can’t leave for the metal junk man.

Pay as you Weigh in Farrington

We collect all materials from plastic to wood to metal. Just check our website for more details of anything we can’t take. You are able to view the exact weight of your junk on our vans and for piece of mind calculate the final price yourself so you know its what you’re willing to pay. Paying per weight is the best fair deal you can expect from us.

From 9p a Kilo in Farrington

Cheap fare rates that are consistent across all of Central and Greater London. You’ll be happy to know we only charge these rates for London based residents including Farrington, as Rubbish Taxi don’t operate anywhere else across the country. We will be surprised to see a better rate anywhere else.

What our customers had to say

  • Rubbish Taxi have helped us get one step closer to reaching our goal. With our recent expansion and purchasing of new office space across London, the rubbish clearance seemed endless. We couldn't have done it without your guys!

    - Madison Jenkins

  • As a landlord in East Ham, we have timely renovations at the end of each lease. Rubbish Taxi are a reliable service that always turn up when they say they will. They collected all broken wardrobes, old mattresses and sofas quickly and efficiently. We choose them every time because their rates are so low and it doesn't leave a big hole in our refurbishment budget.

    - Maria Bolton

  • My family inherited a large house which we're constantly renovating to accommodate our family lifestyle. Rubbish Taxi are a trustworthy company that I feel comfortable letting into my family home.

    - Robert Hawley