Affordable Rubbish Removal in Tooting

There's three steps to creating more space in your property. 1. Identifying the junk. 2. Making the decision to shift it and 3. Calling Rubbish Taxi to arrange a pickup. Once you've decided to give the go ahead to your rubbish clearance, you'll be excited to see the extra room in your living or work area - it could never be more easier. Our clients return to us again and again because we're a quick affordable solution to getting rid of all their unwanted waste. It couldn't be more easier or faster. Our teams operate in Tooting and all the surrounding areas, saving you the time, effort and transport costs to your local tip. Rubbish Taxi is the perfect alternative to a skip hire. So when you don't have the space for a skip, consider us for a faster more cost effective method to dispose of your junk.

Need a Man and Van in Tooting

Our services are only dedicated to London so we can offer our clients the very best of what they need. Our men in branded black and yellow uniforms and vans, work quickly without delay to clear your property of junk. They're friendly and down to earth so any last minute requests are fine! At Rubbish Taxi, we believe in caring for the environment so rest assured your junk will only end up in landfill if it can't be reused anywhere else. We promise no footprints on your carpet and no chipped paint as we carry out your things. The greatest thing about our men is they'll do all the heavy lifting for you.

Here to Help Clear-out Your Offices in Tooting

With many international and head offices based in London, it offers the most advanced solutions and working environments. Whether a company is renovating, moving or just having a clear out, Rubbish Taxi make your project less hectic and collect all your junk swiftly so it's business as usual. If you are based in Tooting and in the middle of an office clearout, we can take all your old furniture to give you more space to rethink your work space. We can work as an ongoing contractor or partner to give you premium rates on a consistent and reliable basis. Our relationship with you is built on strong loyalty.

Domestic Rubbish Removal Services in Tooting

We access anywhere you want us to, upstairs or down. Clearing junk from any floor is what we do day in day out and we're available for same day disposals in Tooting. We collect junk from cellars, gardens and outer buildings. See how quickly your living space and outdoor living area can be enlarged. Whether your items hold sentimental value, or you're worried about the cost in removing it. Making the decision to declutter your personal space is best done sooner than later. A fresh new start to living is what thousands are striving to achieve. If you're holding an event or party, we will even manage all your after event disposal at the right time for you.

Pay as you Weigh in Tooting

Budget and Waste do exist in the same sentence. To get a heads up on how much your junk removal will cost you, view our FAQ page and Pricing Page on individual items and scenarios. Build up your personal My Rubbish page on our website. You can also view the weight on the van scales before the cost is calculated. Simply weigh it up and off it goes. We taxi away all your old junk and rubbish, so the base materials can be separated to be reused and recycled elsewhere. Converting your waste into more useful materials is the best thing you could do in a busy city like London.

From 9p a Kilo in Tooting

We never question the size of your items. No matter how big it is, we will manage the loading onto our vans. We charge by the kilo, not cubic volume of your junk. Paying someone to carry you're junk away is probably not what you envisaged spending your money on, but the long term benefits will always outweigh the lack of space you may currently have. So enjoy low rates all year round in Tooting. Pay per weight works extremely well for our clients who require our services once a year, once a month or once a week. You'll get to know how it all works in no time. It's not rocket science.

What our customers had to say

  • As a landlord in East Ham, we have timely renovations at the end of each lease. Rubbish Taxi are a reliable service that always turn up when they say they will. They collected all broken wardrobes, old mattresses and sofas quickly and efficiently. We choose them every time because their rates are so low and it doesn't leave a big hole in our refurbishment budget.

    - Maria Bolton

  • We recently refurbished a house into a registered dentistry practice. Rubbish Taxi helped us empty the entire house, especially the existing fitted wardrobes in all the bedrooms. Now there's so much space for patients and dentists.

    - Sara McLoughlin

  • Thank you Rubbish Taxi for helping us clear out our offices in Bolton! Our building has no room for a skip, so we were so relieved when we found out about your services. You guys helped us create the space we needed, by taking away all our outdated desks and bulky furniture, at such short notice too! Thank you so much!

    - Eric Ashton