Affordable Rubbish Removal in Wandsworth

Are you feeling lack of air and space in your current living space and just want more room for your family? Getting rid of old bulky furniture could help you achieve this. Making a quick call to us could be the solution to getting rid of it all in one go. No multiple trips to the tip and no skip hire required either. Once you've decided to give the go ahead to your rubbish clearance, you'll be excited to see the extra room in your living or work area - it could never be more easier. Our clients return to us again and again because we're a quick affordable solution to getting rid of all their rubbish. It couldn't be more easier or faster. Our teams operate in Wandsworth and all the surrounding areas, saving you the time, effort and transport costs to your local tip. So don't be disheartened if you can't hire a skip, we can help.

Need a Man and Van in Wandsworth

We don't collect rubbish from out of London. We dedicate all our time and services to London clients so we can provide the best service possible in one area location. Our men in branded black uniforms and vans, work fast without delay to clear your property of junk. We believe in caring for the environment so your junk will only end up in landfill if it can't be recycled. We wear shoe covers whenever necessary and will access your garden via side gates if any. We leave everything in optimum condition so we don't leave you clearing up after us. We will take care of any clutter we create.

Here to Help Clear-out Your Offices in Wandsworth

London, the central hub for international and UK business head offices, offers the most advanced solutions and working environments. Whether you're renovating, moving or just having a big clear out, Rubbish Taxi take the stress out of your project and collect all your junk swiftly so it's business as usual. If you are based in Wandsworth and in the middle of an office clearout, we can take away all your old items to give you more space to rethink your floor space. We respect your need to work in a workplace where there is confidential data and our men will work professionally at all times.

Domestic Rubbish Removal Services in Wandsworth

We can access anywhere in your property you want us to. Clearing junk from any floor is what we do each day of the week and we're available for same day disposals in Wandsworth. Take all the time you need to make the decision which pieces you want to clear. A fresh new start to living is what thousands are striving to achieve. It's easier than you thought. Nothing is hard, especially clearing yourself of unwanted items. We love seeing our clients take a gasp of air when they see how much space they really have inside their homes. Healthy for the whole family to enjoy extra space all along.

Pay as you Weigh in Wandsworth

Getting rid of waste can be done on a budget. You just need to be able to plan in advance what you want to get rid of. You can view the weight on the van scales before the cost is calculated. Simply weigh it up and off it goes. We taxi away all your old junk and rubbish, so the raw materials can be separated into more useful things. Alternatively go on the FAQ page and Pricing page to plan what your collection could cost based on example items similar to yours. It's no surprise on the day when you've budgeted in advance and done all your homework.

From 9p a Kilo in Wandsworth

We're proud of our lowest ever rates reflected by the weight of your items. So we never question the size of your items. No matter how big it is, we can get it on our vans. We charge by the kilo, not cubic volume of your junk. So enjoy low rates all twelve months of the year in the Wandsworth area. Think of the long term benefits of more space retrieved from detoxing your property. It may be the unfavourable choice to spend money on ridding yourself of junk, but think convenience and how you can save yourself time. It's no fun making multiple trips to the tip in a small car.

What our customers had to say

  • We hire garden landscapers to renew outdoor space for health care trusts and nursing homes. Rubbish Taxi is a reliable service to remove broken fences, sheds and other bulky outdoor waste.

    - Chiu-Yee Cheung

  • As an Event Organiser in Central London, we use Rubbish Taxi to take care of all our after event disposals requirements. They offer an extremely reliable service every single time.

    - Alison Burbidge

  • We recently refurbished a house into a registered dentistry practice. Rubbish Taxi helped us empty the entire house, especially the existing fitted wardrobes in all the bedrooms. Now there's so much space for patients and dentists.

    - Sara McLoughlin